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The Wine’s Art

Making wine is an art that starts from the land, which is the origin of everything.

Mother nature and man have made this product more than just a drink and Lady Wine pays tribute to all this by visiting the places where everything is born to understand the nature of the land and the impact that they have on the final product, to read from experts words all the agronomy’s backstory and the technicalities associated with the growth of the vines, to understand how much this is in relation with the climate of the place and, above all, to live a mystical experience linked to this inseparable union between science and nature.

Each visits will be accompanied by professional explanations and information from the owners of each company and will be an unforgettable journey.

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Wine & Spirits for investment, collectors & aficionados | Lady Wine
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Wine & Spirits for investment, collectors & aficionados | Lady Wine

The cellar and The Silence

The cellar is the sacred place of wine, the place far from everything where the fragrances, the essences and the peculiarities of the drink are dormant and then explode at the right time, after years.

The silence, the right humidity, the huge barrels that welcome, as thoughtful mothers, the nectar of the gods: these are the places that Lady Wine visits with religious silence, precisely, trying to steal the secret of this “lethargy”.

Professional visits and meetings with producers who will be enlightening to better understand the characteristics of the wines and to show customers the most comprehensive beackground for choosing the right product.

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Lady Wine

Lady Wine is a growing brand under which multiple companies across Italy and the United Kingdom operate in wine trading: thanks to both established partnerships and daily opportunities that come from running two finedining restaurants in Central London and on Italy’s Adriatic coast, we’re proud to operate with a wide, openminded and future-oriented vision.

Wine Talk

Our new series Vine Talk will take you on a stroll through the vineyards of the most promising wineries around the word. Walk side by side with leading winemakers as they show us the importance of microclimates and territory in the making of their wine. Using their savoir fare, leading winemakers adapt to changing climates, strict guidelines – and personal style – that every year brings exciting (and challenging) results.
Every bottle of wine is a one-of-a-kind product. Our first season will take you through the DOCG areas of Italy to discover wine that is produced under this classification. Do you know how many DOCG wines there are in Italy? Follow us to start unveiling the magic of Italian wine!
Team member
“We’re looking forward to welcoming wine enthusiasts to a world of flavours, colors and experiences. We also believe in our original combination of true passion for wine and data-driven market analysis to bring people to exciting – and sometimes pleasantly unexpected! – new territories.”
Nadia Iacovelli, CEO