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Who Are We at Lady Wine

Wine Lovers on Every Level

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Nadia Iacovelli, with over 20 years of hands-on experience provides her clients with a unique selection of wines and spirits for enthusiasts, collections and investors – a collection which is designed to contribute to the international development of the wine Industry.
Lady Wine founded in 2016 as a way to share the personal and professional passion for wine directly with others who share the same passion, by enabling them to buy and live remarkable experiences that only wine can offer. Everything that Lady Wine offers is the result of studied choice in the name of quality and the highest sensory expression.
Not only does Nadia Iacovelli invest heart in soul in finding the unique and special wines, but she will accompany you directly into the vineyards with her VINE TALK, a series presenting the wine producer and the challenges they face during the production of a great wine.

Like words and images, wine is also an important means of communication, not only for individuals, but also for peoples and cultures, because expresses very well the fusion between nature, technology and skill: and Lady Wine will be able to bring all this together in this space dedicated to the world of wine.

Wine & Spirits for investment, collectors & aficionados | Lady Wine

Well Rounded Wine Experience

Nadia Iacovelli started very young to work in the restaurant world, driven by a passion for wine. This passion grew more and more, becoming a real horizon for her future. She attended a Bourgogne Master-Level degree, a most satisfying professional accomplishment.

She started her career as a wine merchant representing some of the most important vineyards worldwide, but she desired to provide a well round service for wine enthusiasts, investors and collectors. Nadia wanted to share her accumulated knowledge of the territory, the culture, the production process and the savoring of the final product.

Wine, for Nadia, is a sensorial but also a journey time and space, one that takes her to the most beautiful places in the world to taste and to find new products, and then brings her back home, full of satisfactions and new ideas. This extraordinary experience shows in the excellent customer service both online and on site at her wine boutique.

We’re looking forward to welcoming wine enthusiasts to a world of flavours, colors and experiences. We also believe in our original combination of true passion for wine and data-driven market analysis to bring people to exciting – and sometimes pleasantly unexpected – new territories.

Nadia Iacovelli, CEO